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Brand Name: Urooj Metals
Model Number: 1000
Place of Origin: Delhi NCR
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Learn to Recover Gold and Silver from Computer, Mobile and other Electronic Scraps in an environment friendly way and set up your own business with very little investment. This is a very very profitable Business and can really make all your Dreams come true in a very short time. To know the truth before contacting us, you can check it out on the net under the Computer Scrap / E-Waste Recycling category. We are sure, you will be surprised to know what a Big and Paying Business it is today the world over. Our company Urooj International is in this trade for thirty years. Our company Urooj International Provides Gold & Silver Recovery Skills. We are in the business of Removing Gold from Electronic Parts for thirty years based in Delhi. We train you to Recover Gold from Computer Parts, Circuit Boards, Ics, Processor Chips, mobiles, telephone exchange boards, discarded electronic boards, telecommunications circuit cards, almost all types of e-waste. It is a very effective one week training programme. You can come to us or learn it online. Website : Contact: Mr. Saurabh / Sajid Ali Mobile No. 09971582081

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