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FM200 Gas based Fire Suppression Systems: The proposed fire fighting/fire alarm system is highly recommended in environments where water based system is not applicable. The prime objective of this technique is to constantly detect smokes of different natures and then release a gaseous fire extinguishing agent at a calculated density without damaging the IT equipment of high value and harming human life or environment in case of a positive detection. The detection system is composed of a fire control panel, a set of fire detectors and a warning bell. The fire suppression system comprises of a main cylinder containing the extinguishing agent, a piping system leading to a set of nozzles strategically located in the different room voids. The used agent is the Firex200, which is well known for its features and advantages. Novec 1230 clean agent Fire Suppression Systems:- Novec 1230 is human friendly, equipment friendly, fast and effective fire suppressant agent approved by NFPA 2001 for manned applications. Novec 1230 scores significantly over contemporary products such as FM-200 / HFC 227ea on the environmental benefits. It has a zero ODP, atmospheric lifetime (ALT) of just 5 days and a global warming potential (GWP) of only 1. In the very recent times to come, Sapphire will be the choice of majority of the installers and engineers for protecting their critical assets. CO2 Gas based Fire Suppression Systems:- It extinguishes fires using CO2 by suppressing the oxygen content in the space. The CO2gas has proven to be a fast acting fire extinguishing agent and is effective on deep seated fires in cargo holds. Features and benefits 1. Fast fire extinguishing system 2. Effective on deep-seated fires in engine rooms, pump rooms and cargo holds 3. Type approved extinguishing system 4. Safety release delay designed for crew security 5. Can utilize CO2 gas distribution piping to cargo holds for smoke sampling 6. Effective on deep-seated fires in engine rooms, pump rooms and cargo holds 7. CO2 has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1 8. Uses CO2 gas recovered from an industrial process

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