Excelon Servo Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers

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Brand Name: Excelon Systems
Place of Origin: Bangalore, India
Type: Servo

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Excelon Servo Stabilzers & Isolation transformers Features Quality Features Best raw material outsourced from reputed manufacturers. 100% inspection at Purchase, sub assembly and final part. High voltage test (2500 V for one minute) performed on individual components. Full load test carried. Separate house test area with all Facilities Special features Low failure rate.Easily maintainable and all components easily available. Galss Epoxy PTH double sided plug in sided plug in type PCB used. Where we stand apart... Latest Cmos technology incorporated. Rugged construction and long lasting. Generator compatible. Very low component failure rate. Salient Features Solid state control circuit, no relays used. High rate of correction 70 v/sec ph - ph. Ac asynchronous motor with 3 kg M / 10 KG M torque used. output regulation of .5 % can be achieved. High efficiency of 98%. Nil waveform distortion. Operating temperature of 0 - 55 ~C. Operates between 47 HZ & 53 HZ frequency. Smooth correction even if the input is erratic. Designed to balanced & unbalanced load & Voltage. Protects load from surge voltage.

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