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Cattle Feed, Chemicals, Fish Feed, Poultry Feed, Rice Bran

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MaXXO De Oiled Rice bran
The brand name MaXXO itself is sufficient to narrate the quality and reputation in the field of De Oil Rice Bran manufacturing. MaXXO is famous for its high quality nutritious feed supplement with its hygiene manufacturing facilities. Our final goal is to provide better health to peoples which indirectly relate to the quality of their food which ultimately depends on how healthy meats they are eating. That’s why MaXXO’s highly qualified Nutritionist R&D and production team work all around the clock to provide best food supplements to farm- poultry.

A major rice bran fraction contains about 13% oil and 44.3% of highly unsaponifiable components. This fraction also contains gamma-oryzanol, beta-sitosterol and tocotrienol that help in lowering the levels of plasma contained in the lipid profile. It also contains a major amount of dietary fibers like beta glucan, gum and pectin. The oil present in the rice bran is a rich source of Vitamin E, Vitamin B, minerals and other essential acids.

Rice bran meal though has only 14-16% proteins which is very less compared to other oilmeals like soybean meal, peanut meal, rapeseed meal etc, it has low fibre content which makes it free from rancidity problems and hence is in great demand for use in poultry as well as in cattle feed. Rice bran meal is also getting used as organic fertiliser and for medicinal purpose.

Normal Specification of DORB:
Protein: 16% min
Sand/silica: 3% max
Fibre: 12% max
Moisture: 12% max
DORB is widely used in the manufacture of
1. Cattle feed,
2. Poultry feed,
3. Fish feed,
4. As fuel for boilers, and
Used for manufacturing sodium silicate, silica gel, insulation bricks etc (using fully burnt white ash of husk).

Facts Associated with Rice Bran
Following are some interesting facts that explain the popularity of rice bran and its long term usage by many people across the globe:
• The rice bran and rice germ consist of a mere 8% of the entire kernel, yet they collectively make 65% of the kernel's nutrients
• Rice bran contains a wide range of protein, vitamins, minerals and more than 120 known naturally occurring antioxidants
• Around 5 to 8 kg of rice bran can be produced from a 100 kg of rice paddy
• The powder obtained from rice bran serves as an excellent source of exfoliation of skin. It prevents wrinkles, absorbs the dirt and pores from the skin and many other similar uses.
• As Animal Feed: Rice bran contains a high amount of protein and other nutritious components, thereby making it an excellent source for animal feed. It is particularly given to horses to increase their weight. It is also given the aging dogs as an energy supplements.

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MaXXO De Oiled Rice Bran
Business Type
Cattle Feed, Chemicals, Fish Feed, Poultry Feed, Rice Bran

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