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Brand Name: COSMIC
Model Number: GC-468
Place of Origin: INDIA
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Glass Mirror Coaters For Aluminum Coating on Glass Sheets with Low Cost Vacuum Metallising process We are the foremost manufacturer of Vacuum Metallising Plants in India. In our working period of 20 years, we developed Vacuum Metallising Plants a lot. Our Metallising Plants achieved their top level of quality, performance and dependability. We have made and sold about 350 metallising plants of different configuration, all over India and Abroad. We also manufacture Glass Mirror Coater for making Glass Mirror sheets by Aluminium coating of Float or Sheet Glass. Different models of the plants can make mirror of size from 4ft x 1ft to 6ft x 8ft and in any thickness. MIRROR DESCRIPTION Glass Mirrors produced by our Vacuum Metallising Plants has unique properties over conventional silver coated mirrors. Also, running cost of production of aluminium coated mirror is as low as Rs. 3/- per sq. feet. -As Aluminum coating has High Surface Reflection, Images appear brilliant, sparkling, clear, perfect and distortion free. -Unique for its improved optical quality due to Aluminum Coating of uniform thickness. -Bright reflection, free from Black spots or grayish effect or haziness, during their entire lifetime. These defects are common in commercial silvered mirrors. -Free from the effect of natural atmospheric conditions, viz., moisture, sun heat, dust etc. and better resistance to atmospheric corrosion (SO2, NO2, CO2) because of superior qualities of Aluminum Coating. -Produced by pollution free, Vacuum Metallising process. This saves the environment from the harmful chemicals. Features of Vacuum Metallising Plants - Cycle-time is about 50% in comparison of competitors. - Work Chamber and Diffusion Pump size is bigger than others. This increases the production a lot. - Filaments placement is so designed that aluminium coating covers full surface of the glass sheet. - Double copper fins, optically dense chevron to avoid Back-Streaming of D.P. oil in work-chamber which improves brightness & adhesion of coatings. - Proper inter-lockings are provided in functioning of the plant. Even a new operator can run the plant. - I have my own experience of 25 years in metallising line and personally designed, make improvements and made/sold more than 300 industrial plants. These design improvements have been possible because of the pioneering efforts of our R & D Department, which keeps abreast of advance technology in the field of electronics and the latest in Vacuum technology. Our field experience spanning up to 4 decades also comes handy. We undertake the job to install the plant and give extensive training regarding operation and maintenance. We also provide complete details of the technique of getting the desired product. We can provide you Glass Mirror Coater, Glass Washing Machine, Paint Curtain Coater, Paint Curing Oven and all other helping accessories. We will also guide you to get the desired quality of the end-product. COSMIC CONNECTION is able to supply you- - Vacuum Metallising Plants, New and Refurbished - Glass Mirror Coating Plants. - Lacquer Curing Ovens. - UV Lacquer Curing Systems. - Roots Pumps, Rotary Pumps, Diffusion Pumps. - Tungsten Filaments, Aluminum Staples. - Diffusion Pump Oils and other Consumables. PAWAN KUMAR CosmicConnection.In 46-D/B, Siddhartha Extension, New Delhi-110014, India Phone: +9910017840, +9910017817 E-Mail: [email protected] Web: www.CosmicConnection.In
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