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Solar street Lighting system is a device that operates using the Light energy available from the sun to provide lighting during nighttime. The Solar PV outdoor lighting is a reliable and an efficient stand-alone system. The standalone solar photovoltaic street lighting system comprises of a LED lamps as light source, re-chargeable lead acid battery for storage, PV modules for charging the battery, suitable electronics for the operation of the tamp and safe charging and discharging of the battery and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems. Solar Street Lighting is available with automatic dusk to dawn operation.Solar street lighting operates at input voltage AC90-240V and efficiency of the product is 90%.Our LED/Induction lights emit no light pollution, provides bright white light which improves color recognition and improves night visibility from 400%-1000% over other light sources. 3-5 days backup power for rainy, windless and cloudy days.

Specifications : 90W SSL
Type of Lamp : Cree LED
Type of Light : White
Wattage : 18W
Dusk to Dawn Operation : Automatic
Luminous Flux in Lumen : > 5100 Lumens
Lumen efficiency : 100-120 lumens/watt
Autonomy: 2 Days
Effic. of Electronics (%) : > 90%
Solar Panel Type : Mono /Poly Crystalline
Solar Panel Size (WP) : 200
Charging Time with Solar Panel (Hours) : 7- 8 Hours
Type of Battery : Tubular Maintenance Free Gel Batteries
Battery Specification :2X 12V, 100 AH
Charge Controller : Yes
Solar Panel Mounting : Yes
Application : Indoor/Outdoor
Street Light Pole : (Optional)
Warranty : Luminary – 2 years
Battery – 5 Years
SPV – 5 Years limited
10 Years 90% Effci

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