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MPPT based charge controller for inverter/UPS integration is designed for providing the proper control for battery charging using maximum power point tracking algorithm. The charge controller also operated in different modes for proper control of available two sources (Solar & Grid supply). The MPPT solar charge controller is the charge controller embedded with an MPPT algorithm to maximize the amount of current going into the battery from PV module. It has an ideal power consumption of 30 MW. The basic battery capacity of PWM charge controller is 100-200 Amp Hours and it can support a maximum load up to 30A. The efficiency of the product is 98%. A battery deep discharge protection which ensures long life of the battery. Two touch switches are present for selection of modes.

Specifications : 12/24V 40A MPPT
System Voltage : 12V/24V
Maximum Charging Current : 40A
Maximum Peak Electronics Efficiency : 98%
Inverter/UPS rating : 800VA or 1KVA (12V)
1400KVA (24V)
Solar Panels Required : 480 W / 960 W
Grid Supply : 230V AC
Maximum Battery Voltage : 14.4V DC (12V)
28.8V DC (24V)
Photovoltaic Panel Voltage Ratings : 12V Nominal (17-21V Open Circuit Voltage)
24V Nominal (36-42V Open Circuit Voltage)
Battery Over Charge Protection : Yes

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