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The solar charge controller is used with battery backup systems. The charge controller is an electronic voltage regulator that is used to limit the rate at which electric current is drawn in or out of the batteries. PWM based charging control fully charges the battery without permitting overcharge while preventing from reverse current flow. The overcharge or overvoltage may reduce the battery performance or lifespan and may pose a safety risk. Two LED’s are providing for indicating solar charge availability and solar charging indication. On Board Grid availability detector along with LED Indicator. It has a Grid connectivity Relay with built in Fuse and 3 Pin Grid Socket on board. The basic battery capacity of PWM charge controller is 150 Amp Hours and it can support a maximum load up to 30A. The efficiency of the product is 98%. The simplest charge controllers turn off the charge when the battery reaches the optimum charging point and turns on when it goes below certain level

Specifications of 12/24V 40A PWM
System Voltage : 12V/24V
Maximum Charging Current : 40A
Maximum Peak Efficiency of Electronics : 97%
Suitable Inverter/UPS rating : 800VA or 1KVA (12V)
1400KVA (24V)
Solar Panels Required : 480 W / 960 W
Grid Supply : 230V AC
Maximum Battery Voltage : 14.4V DC (12V)
28.8V DC (24V)
Photovoltaic Panel Voltage Ratings : 12V Nominal (17-21V Open Circuit Voltage)
24V Nominal (36-42V Open Circuit Voltage)
Battery Over Charge Protection : Yes

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