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Brand Name: Professional IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Model Number: T-Amnzee
Place of Origin: Gwalior
Type: All

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TAmnzee is a solution to meet the demands of transport industry in today’s era. TAmnzee offers a strong architecture & flexibility for transport service providers to manage there daily work schedules related with bookings, delivery, drivers, employees & vehicles. TAmnzee also play a vital role by providing the transparency between transport organization & their customers on each and every activity. As a sole development of Professional IT Solutions “TAmnzee” incorporated following features:

a. Web based application hence easy to access from any where any time.
b. Multi-lingual support (hindi & english only)
c. Multi-user accessibility at administrator, sub administrator & user level.
d. Multiple station functionality.
e. One time setup of data using admin panel.
f. Data security.
g. Easy to navigate.
h. 6 Booking types support (topay, paid, crossing, vasuli, tobebilled and full load).
i. 4 Loading Challan support (company, crossing, freight & full load).
j. Delivery vouchers (deposit, deposit+ & deposit- (refund)).
k. Trucks management.
l. Driver management.
m. A/c ledgers management of every transactions including cashbook.
n. Inventory management for oils and tyres.
o. Support of more then 40 types of user reports (i.e. bookings, challans, delivery vouchers, monthly GR, monthly bills, voucher bills, cashbook, A/c ledgers, inventory-oil+tyres, trucks, drivers).
p. Support of more then 15 administrator reports (i.e. station, substation, zone, employee, users, booking permission, methods, items, transporter, company, consignee, builty rates, trucks, drivers, crossing drivers, hammals, monthly marka, notes, ledger, firms, bank).
q. Z32 feature support.
r. Owner voucher refund.
Mr. Mukesh Agrawal
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