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Red lady papaya plantation is going to the best business in India. The major papaya growing states in India are AP,MH, TN, KERALA, W.B, ORRISA, HP, UK. It produce high income per unit area only next to banna & have high nutritive & medicinal value. Papaya is used as fruit, fruit salad and vegetable & its latex is use for papain enzyme in pharmaceutical use. The modern farming is not less important than business and jobs; you just need to make a right selection of crop, hard work and proper guidance. By doing this you can make more profit than any other business or job. With this growing scenario of modernization agriculture becomes more profitable than any other business thanks to professional farming and advance technology which helps farmers to reduce the time involved in complete production of the crops which is also have good profit margin as compared to any other crops. You can also earn more profit through farming of 786 Taiwan red lady hybrid papayas. Thus, by cultivating this crop with the help of scientific methods and technology we can make a good profit of ourselves and for the country. We are providing its consultancy since last 12 years and accumulate a quite different experience in it, which we promise to share with each and every individual who keeps interest in this crop. With the drastic change in the field of agriculture the new techniques of papaya cultivation have been developed. This technique includes mulching, and dripping. For the complete information and guidelines of this techniques please feel free to contact us. Why 786 Taiwan Papaya? By farming of this crop we can earn more profit than any other crop. The fruit of the Papaya do no rancid up to 15 days after complete ripe. That in tern proves helpful in export of this fruits to any other state or country. Papaya plant takes only 4 months to give fruits and 8 months to pluck the fruit from the plant. An average production of this crop is 40 to 60 kilograms per plant. It is very delicious in test and beneficial for health. Taiwan redlady papaya give high yield & both male & female flower bears on same plant. Taiwan variety is mosaic virus resistence. Features: Good Return Advanced methods Resistance to disease
Mr. Pradeep Sharma
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