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The JeoHunter 3D Dual Metal Detector System is a complete system designed to meet all of your requirements for locating Gold and other precious targets at extreme depth. The system includes 3 different search coils. It is like owning three metal detectors in one. The JeoHunter 3D Dual System ships complete with the triple coil system. These coils will allow you to uncover Gold and precious metals deeper than any device has ever reached before. The small coil will detect targets up to 12 feet or 4 meters deep. The small coil measures 8.5\" x 12\" or 210 cm x 315 cm. The large coil will detect up to up to 40 feet or 12 meters deep. The large coil measures 24\" x 39\" or 1000 cm x 600 cm. You can quickly and easily search and detect large fields with the Large Search Head. This search coil covers the greatest depths and allows you to cover large areas in the shortest amount of time. The large search head punches down deep in to the earth for deep searching. It will find large Gold and valuable treasures and will ignore small non-valuable metal objects like nails and pull tabs. This coil will give the best results even in the toughest mineral conditions. Advanced target discrimination makes the Makro Deep Search Coil Head different from other brands of detectors that use large search coil heads. It was designed to see the underground and was charged to show the underground!It is very good at perfectly performing the task it undertakes; perfection is in its nature! Its task to find, regardless of in which environment and under what circumstances the sought target is hid! Targets are divided into four categories: Gold, Valuable, Steel and Iron. The visual analysis will show you the specific metal you have located. In the example above, the user has located a treasure of Gold. Note the detailed analysis of the target provide by the analysis software built in to the new JeoHunter 3D Dual System. No need for a separate computer or software, everything you need is built right in to the new JeoHunter 3D Dual System. At the click of a button, results are displayed to you instantly in the field. Locates Both Individual Targets and Large Treasure Caches! The Jeo Hunter has the capability to locate both large and small treasures. The advanced design of the unit allows extreme sensitivity to individual targets with the small and medium search coil heads. To locate larger treasure caches, just attach the large search head to achieve depths of up to 12 meters. You will be amazed at the depth and power of the new Jeo Hunter. Advanced Technology, Yet Easy To Use! Both amateur and professional users alike will find that the JeoHunter 3D Dual System is designed with ease of use in mind. The full color visual display monitor and intuitive searching menu design, make this detector easy to understand. This is a refreshing difference from other detectors on the market. Just turn it on and start finding treasure. Real Time Graphical Image Analysis of the Target - See It With Your Own Eyes!
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