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Man Down Alarm System, Lone Workers Alarm System Protect person at Home, Factory, Mining site, Prison, Lab, Truck driver, Hospital and Underground job, etc. This is a simple but effective wireless Man down alarm system with fellowship. Not like others, our man down unit is not alone; it has membership among the man down units in same group. If either member is in emergency and press its Panic button, other members will receive the signal and know who is in problem. Patented group relationship providesreal time, immediate mutual rescue and near protection for all users in same group. It consists of one (or more) base unit with up to 15 man down units, available in indoors and outdoors. (* GPS is not available in indoors.) The effective distance in outdoor open area between two man down units is 200 meters, man down unit to base unit is 300 meters. For bigger protection area, one repeater can extend the distance to 600 meters amount two man down units or 800 meters amount man down unit and base unit. The Man down unit will emit call help signal automatically for prompt rescue when the user is fell down or non-moving, due to accident of faint, heart attach, epileptic paroxysm, or poison gas leakage, etc. The Man down unit has 3 kinds of protection : 1. No-motion detection 2. Tilt detection 3. Tilt & No-Motion detection Man down unit is simple to operate with virtually no maintenance giving you rapid alert spreading to all members in same group to help reduce the risk. This system will work inside buildings or in open yard areas; it is safe, reliable, and easy to use. Typical effective range outdoor is up to 200 meters, indoor up to 40 meters through walls. It is perfect for prison guard, social workers, postal workers, parking wardens and all others lone worker in underground, outdoor and field or at night. Specifications: Man Down Unit Power AAA/UM-4 rechargeable battery x 2 Battery duration 3 days for continuous use after full charged Battery charging time About 6 hours Weight 80 g (including battery) Size L 9.3 x W 5.6 x T 1.7cm Effective range Outdoor: up to 200 meters radius. Indoor: up to 40 meters through walls. Alarm sound 90dB Receiving sensitivity - 90dBm Output power < 10mW (10 dBm) Warranty One Year Base Unit Power 12V 1.5A rechargeable battery 12V Switching power adaptor Battery duration 24 hours for continuous use after full charged Battery charging time About 6 hours Weight 2.45 kgs (including battery and 7 segment LED display) Size Base unit: L 21.5 x W 15 x H 13.5cm 7 segment LED display: 12cm high Effective range Outdoor: up to 300 meters radius Indoor: up to 50 meters through walls. Alarm sound 120dB Receiving sensitivity - 95dBm Alarm output Relay, NO - NC Warranty One Year Features: This man down unit has 3 kinds of potection for selection 1. Tilt detection 2. No Motion 3. Tilt + NO Motion detection 8-PIN DIP switch for setting the code and protection of man down unit Panic Alarm - Immediate call for help if user is in emergency Pre Alarm - Gives warning before starting siren 120 dB Siren Simple operation
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