Automatic Rice Packaging Machine For PP Woven-Non Woven Bags

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Fully automatic machine to pack different type of granules like rice, pulses, grains , pellets etc in preformed laminanted bags / pp woven bags / pp non woven bags / paper bags etc from packaging range from 10-50 kgs / bag and speed upto 600bags/hour.

1 Basic process
The full automatic packing system for automatic bag picking feeding, weighing filling, packaging, bag top sewing, bag reshaping, automatic date coding, robot palletizer stacking on pallet, pallet stretch wrapping, etc..
2 Automatic quantitative packing system with CE certified.
It is automatic weighing instrument product that adopts the latest weighing control technologies of 21st century and in accordance with Modern Industrial Requirements. It consists of Germany’s HBM weighing sensor, Japan’s UNIPLUES F159 weighing controller and Japan’s OMRON-CJ1 programmable controller ( PLC ). The most prominent feature of this packing scale is changing the traditional way of open-loop weighing control into closed-loop control. The former control procedure works as following: the sensor sends unit weight signal into the weighing control instrument, then, according to the fixed weight parameters, the weighing control instrument transfers the signal to PLC by on-off way and PLC accordingly adjusts the materials dosing way. During the entire weighing process, PLC did not know the actual weighing data, only knowing that whether it has been achieved the former fixed weight. As per the current system, the sensor will send the real-time weight signal to the controller and PLC through bus line. As the CPU of controller operates much faster than PLC, so it will immediately adjust the dosing signal according to weight. And, the implementation process and result will be sent to PLC through bus line, then PLC again judge and cope with the implementation. As to the weighing result, PLC has high maneuverability such as the precise amount statistical analysis, or adjusting the weighing result, precision material filling and auto-fetching. In addition, because of the material features, it may easily get bypass blocked during gravity falling, so the slowing feeding process of weighing will be completed by vibrating feeding way..

1. Completely automatic bag picking, bag feeding, weighing, filling bagging, Automatic Bag Sewing/sealing, bag-backwards and bag transportation, automatic robot loading on pallet, pallet stretch wrapping.
2. Adopting PLC to guarantee the reliability of control
3. Adopting high-precision transducer and intelligent instrument to guarantee the accuracy and speed of weight
4. Adopting touch screen with trouble display and help system for easy operation.
5. Adopting imported pneumatic components features compact structure, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
6. The sewing / sealing machine is NEWLONG brand machine directly imported from Japan.

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