Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter-charger

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Brand Name: Kartographers
Place of Origin: India

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Transformerless high frequency design Multi-functional inverter- charger with selectable Utility vs.Solar priority modes via LCD Built-in Solar Charger (max 50A) Wide AC input range Inverter+ AC Charger + Solar Charger Lightweight, easy to install Pure sine wave output 2X surge capacity up to 5 seconds Monitoring RJ45-RS232 capability Built-in Solar Charger (max 50A) Adjustable charging current MAX system current, AC + SOLAR =50A LCD monitor display system info LED indicators Compatible with generators Programmable parameters Overload/Overtemp/short circuit protections Cold start capability (requires DC) OTHER PRODUCTS:dataloggers, AWOS, Automated Weather Observation Systems, current weather monitoring, IR radiometer applications, pressure datalogger, temperature datalogger,modbus indiko,alram annuciator,pid-temperature-controller,canopy-temperature,modbus-data logger,wind-solar measurement system,universal scanner,rain-data logger,programmable DCPower Supply,Float Cum Boost Charger,Static Voltage Regulator,25kv Inverter,Pure Sine Wave Solar Inerter-Charger.
Ms. sweta Gaglani
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