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Place of Origin: India
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We are offering icumsa 45 sugar. Specifications sugar (white refined cane sugar icumsa 45) 1. Commodity: brazilian sugar. 2. Specification: see below. 3. Total quantity: 350 metric tons. 4. First shipment: coming to kandla port on 30th jan 2010. 5. Quantity: 25mt. 6. Price: $565 per metric ton (after clearance ) 7. Last booking date: 25 jan 2010. 8. Payment:100% advance ( inspection available ). specification: fit for human consumption polarization: 99,80 % minimum moisture: 00.04% maximum sulphateash content: 00.04% maximum granulation: medium to fine solubility: 100% dry and free flowing radiation: normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine, certified color: sparkling white. Maximum, 45 icumsa sediment: none smell: free of any odor crop: 2009/2010 proceeding reducing sugar: 0.05% maximum by weight so2: 20 ppm maximum substance: sokid, crystal magnetic particles: mg/kg maximum max as: 1 ppm max ps: 2 ppm max cu: 3 ppm hpn staph aureus: nil free from: mold, unnatural odors, chemicals and insects poisonous: phytosanitary certificate seed/husks: of no radiation, no virus, insect parts, no poisonous matter and non genetic and is suitable for human consumption. for more details please contact us.
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Icumsa 45 Sugar

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Icumsa 45 Sugar

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