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Brand Name: 77GREEN
Place of Origin: India
MOQ: 500 Kg
Type: Ground single & blendes spices
Material: Dried spices

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We are one of the leaders amongst manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of premium quality cooking spices, cooking masala, Indian pickles, instant-mix food and other food products. Our offering includes Indian pickles, cooking spices, cooking masala, mango pulp, spice blend for pickles and more. We are amongst those few companies around the world that use the best quality whole cooking spices and have adopted stringent quality control measures to produce ground spices. With sound understanding of overseas markets for cooking spices, cooking masala, instant-mix foods, pickles and pulp products and being highly dedicated to achieve excellence in quality, we have strategically extended our market base in European countries, USA and Middle Eastern countries. We specialize in single ground cooking spices like chili, cumin, fennel, coriander, fenugreek and turmeric. The rich aroma and aristocratic taste of our ground spices are capable of tickling your taste buds, thus proving to be a hallmark product of our range. Masalas (Spice blend) are prepared by blending a number of pure spices (sometimes more than 20) like chili, turmeric, coriander, pepper, cardamom, cumin, clove, etc in precise proportions to give a blend (called a \"masala\") that imparts a distinct colour, aroma, and taste to a dish. Given the diversity of consumers, blending a masala is both, a science and an art. It has to achieve a taste that meets the specific taste demanded by a particular ethnic or regional group. Spices known for their coloring, thickening, souring, and pungency properties are often added to achieve masala blends that are specific to specific tastes of communities from various regions and ethnic groups. It is this complex blending of many spices that distinguishes Indian cuisine from others. The most basic form of an Indian masala is \"Garam Masala\". The word \"Garam\" means hot or pungent in Hindi language. This is a blend of Cinnamon, Pepper, Clove, Cumin, Coriander, Cardamom and many other spices. We have a large warehousing facility to store sufficient volumes of Indian spices items that are manufactured in-house. High standards of quality in our warehouse are duly maintained. We regularly monitor the quality of our outsourced products. We ensure airtight and safe packaging of all our spices and other food products, to ensure that products remain free from contamination and leakage. For packing spices and related products, poly packs and corrugated boxes are used. We offer packing in 15 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram, 500 gram, 1 kg and 5 kg packing. We believe in creating serious and lasting strategic relationships with our clients. In fact our buyers have always treated us as their business partners. To assist buyers in formulating the right strategy and business plan, we monitor the crop right from the sowing stage to harvesting and provide fortnightly report. Our analysts keep an eye on changing market trends and any significant information is readily shared with our esteemed clients. We believe that right information at the right moment of time can make a big difference and are committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by offering quality products.
Mr. Bhavesh Vanparia
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Before 2001
Annual Revenue
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Main Markets
North America, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, Southern Europe, South Asia, Western Europe, Middle East
Export Ratio
91% - 100%
Condiments, Masala, Seasonings, Spices

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