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Place of Origin: india
Brand Name: Arrow
MOQ: 100
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CENTRIFUGAL CAST PROCESS is acknowledged to be the best method for manufacture of Cylinder Liners. It possesses the bearing metal qualities that cause skin healing after abrasion and a structure that is readily wetted by oil and retains an oil film. Corrosion resistance is further improved by adding Chromium to the metal. In the centrifugal casting process, the molten metal is poured into a metal mould or die, which is revolving at a high speed. The centrifugal force causes the metal to distribute itself evenly around the die. The resulting casting is of much finer grain and free from blow holes or porosity. A further important advantage is that the impurities, being lighter than the iron, are forced centrifugally to the bore surface from which they are removed by machining.
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