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Rimpro India provides Polyethylene Glycols, which are nonionic emulsifiers which are also non toxic. Preparation of Polyethylene Glycols is done by the eterification of fatty acids with polyethylene glycols. They have a bi-functionality in one molecule. Other oil field chemicals are Silicon Oil Emulsifier, Paraffin Wax Emulsifier, Castor Oil Ethoxylates, Hydrogenerated Castor Oil and GlycerineEthoxylates. Silicon Oil Emulsifier; Biodegradable nonionic oilfield chemicals are mixed to produce Silicon Oil Emulsifier. This agent which is environment pollution free is produced for micro-emulsification of silicone fluid. It is made using the right amount of a neutralizer. Paraffin Wax Emulsifier is a great emulsifying agent used both commercially and domestically. It is produced by mixing paraffin oil and amino oils. Castor Oil Ethoxylates is a surfactant derived from natural oils. It is used to modify the processes of emulsification and surface tension. Hydrogenerated Castor Oil is a high performance odorless and colorless reactor used as an interface between two contaminants. This wetting liquid is formed as a result of hydrogenating in the presence of a nickel catalyst, pure castor oil. GlycerineEthoxylates; produced from natural oils, GlycerineEthoxylates offer significant surfactants. Basically all oil field chemicals have unique properties as to why they are used in the oil exploration process.

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