Alfa Laval Oil Purifier, Industrial Centrifuge, Biodiesel Centrifuge

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Brand Name: Alfa LAVAL
Model Number: MAB-103, MAB-104
Place of Origin: India
MOQ: 1
Type: Liq-Liq-Solid type oil purifier centrifuge
Color: Blue White
Material: MS & SS
Certificate: Yes
Packaging: Export quality Wooden box
Function: oil purifier, industrial centrifuge, waste oil purifier
Function: High speed disk centrifuge, Solid-Solid
Weight: 100kg
Also available MAPX 207 : MAPX-309

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Dolphin Maritime Service RECONDITIONED OIL PURIFIERS – OIL SEPARATOR – CENTRIFUGE. RECONDITIONED WESTFALIA SEPARATORS, OIL PURIFIER FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS LIKE , BIODIESEL, WASTE OIL, ENGINE OIL, LUBE OILS, QUENCH OIL, VIRGIN COCONUT OILS. Alfa laval marine - industrial oil purifier: MAB-103 PUIFIER: ( GUARANTEED RECONDITIONED MACHINES WITH QUALITY AT COMPETITIVE PRICES ) we are reputed stockist & exporter of reconditioned alfa laval, mitubishi & westfalia centrifuges, bowl assemblies & centrifuge spare-parts . PRINCIPLE : Separation takes place in a solids-retaining bowl that can be arranged for either clarification or purification. In both cases, the impure Oil is fed into the separator through the centre, and it is separated by centrifugal force by centrifugal separator into its various phases, the heaviest phase like sludge and water being forced outwards to the periphery of the bowl. The gathering of sludge or slush is periodically removed from the bowl by hand for sale: centrifuge The MAB 103 is suitable for the separation of marine diesel, biodiesel, distillate, lubricating and hydraulic oils. Expected throughput: • Marine diesel oil:900 l/h • Biodiesel: 900 l/h • Lubricating oil: 550 l/h • Distillate: 1150 l/h • Hydraulic oil: 950 l/h Application: 1. 3 phase separation (liq-liq-solid) of feed oil like lubricating oils, fuel oil, biodiesel, distillate oil, trasformer, hydraulic oils and have numerous application in various industrial process as well. 2. these units are extensively used on marine ships for purification of mineral oils, engine oils, lubricating oils, furnace oi hfo. EMAIL: DOLPHINSEPRATION@GMAIL.COM Or COMPANY PROFILE: We, dolphinseparation, Introduce our selves as a Leading Supplier-stockists of reconditioned Alfa Laval, Mitubishi & Westfalia centrifuges, Bowl INTERNATIONAL BRANDS: We are Exporting Centrifugal Marine Oil Separators / Oil Purifiers / centrifuges Manufactured By Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Mitsubishi kakoki. The processing capacity of the centrifuge machines are between 500LPH to 20000LPH. Most of the Alfa Laval centrifuges we sell come from our own stock of used / reconditioned centrifuges APPLICATION : Oil Separators is used to Purify Furnace Oil / Diesel Oil / Lubricating oil / Hydraulic Oil, Transformer Oil, Bio Diesel, WVO And have numerous application in various industrial process as well. COMPLETE OIL-SEPARATORS.(RECONDITIONED): ALFA LAVAL MAB-102 ALFA LAVAL MAB-103 ALFA LAVAL MAB-104 ALFA LAVAL MAB-204 ALFA LAVAL MAB-205 ALFA LAVAL MMB-203 ALFA LAVAL MAPX-204 ALFA LAVAL MAPX-205 ALFA LAVAL MAPX-207 ALFA LAVAL MAPX-210 ALFA LAVAL S.S.BOWL MAPX-309 ALFA LAVAL MOPX-205-TGT-24-60 ALFA LAVAL MOPX-207-SGT-24-60 ALFA LAVAL WITHOUT PUMP MOPX-209-TGT-24-60 ALFA LAVAL WITH PUMP MOPX-209-TGT-24-60 ALFA LAVAL MOPX-309 ALFA LAVAL MOPX-210-TGT-24-60 ALFA LAVAL MOPX-213-TGT-24-60 ALFA LAVAL MMPX-304 SGP 11 60 ALFA LAVAL MMPX-403-SG-11-60 ALFA LAVAL MMPX-404 SGP-11-50 ALFA LAVAL MFPX-307-TFD-21 2 ALFA LAVAL WHPX-505-TGT-24-60 ALFA LAVAL WHPX-507-TGD-24-60 ALFA LAVAL WHPX-508 ALFA LAVAL WHPX-510-TGD-24-60 ALFA LAVAL WHPX-513 ALFA LAVAL FOPX-605 ALFA LAVAL FOPX-609 ALFA LAVAL FOPX-610 ALFA LAVAL FOPX-613 WE WELCOME BUYER FOR PHYSICAL INSPECTION OF MACHINES We welcome your valued inquiries on CENTRIFUGE STOCKLIST: Alfa Laval MAB 103 MAB 104 MAB 204 MAB 205 MAB 207 MAB 209 MAPX 204 MAPX 205 MAPX 207 MAPX 309 MOPX 205 MOPX 207 MOPX 207 MOPX 210 MOPX 309 WHPX 405 WHPX 407 WHPX 410 WHPX 413 WHPX 505 WHPX 510 WHPX 513 FOPX 605 FOPX 607 FOPX 609 FOPX 610 FOPX 613 LOPX 705 LOPX 707 LOPX 710 MMPX 303 MMPX 304 MMPX 403 Mitsubishi SJ 700 SJ 2000 SJ 4000 SJ 6000 SJ 8000 Westfalia OSA 7 OSA 20 OSA 35. NOTE: WE DON\'T HAVE ANY OTHER BRANCHES IN INDIA. FEW COMPANIES ARE ATTEMPTING TO MAKE SIMILAR WEBSITE AS OURS. Or New Mumbai INDIA ALFA LAVAL MAB 103; ALFA LAVAL MAB 104; ALFA LAVAL MAB 204; ALFA LAVAL MAB 205; ALFA LAVAL MAB 206; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 204; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 205; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 207; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 309; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 210; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 313; ALFA LAVAL MOPX 205; ALFA LAVAL MOPX 207; ALFA LAVAL MOPX 210; ALFA LAVAL MOPX 213; ALFA LAVAL MMPX 303; ALFA LAVAL MMPX 304; ALFA LAVAL WHPX 505; ALFA LAVAL WHPX 508; ALFA LAVAL WHPX 510; ALFA LAVAL FOPX 605; ALFA LAVAL FOPX 607; ALFA LAVAL FOPX 609; ALFA LAVAL FOPX 610; ALFA LAVAL FOPX 611; ALFA LAVAL LOPX 705; ALFA LAVAL LOPX 707; ALFA LAVAL LOPX 710 Keywords: alfa laval oil purifier, industrial centrifuge, used centrifuge, fuel oil separator, waste oil purifier, wvo centrifuge, oil purifier, biodiesel centrifuge, industrial centrifuge, centrifuge parts, laval centrifuge, alfa laval centrifuge, ship oil purifier, engine oil purifier, diesel oil purifier, Marine oil purifiers industrial centrifuges, alfa laval separators, disc centrifuge, waste oil centrifuge, westfalia centrifuge, centrifugal separator, alfa laval parts, alfa laval centrifuges, biodiesel centrifuges, centrifuge price, reconditioned oil purifier, centrifuge equipment, centrifuge machine, alfa centrifuge, disk centrifuge, reconditioned centrifuges, used industrial centrifuges Or Navi mumbai, Maharastra STATE, INDIA

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Alfa Laval Oil Purifier, Fuel Oil Separator, Industrial Centrifuge, Purifiers, Used Centrifuge, Waste Oil Purifier

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