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Fresh Carrot

We bring for our clients a very fresh variety of Carrots. Grown under most hygienic conditions these carrots are in great demand a...

Tags: Fresh Carrot

Fresh Beans

We are engaged in exporting wide variety of Fresh Beans. Known also by the name of legumes we source the range from certified vend...

Tags: Fresh Vegetable

Fresh Corn

Fresh corn offered by us is obtained by farmers who cultivate according to most earth friendly manner. The kernels of the corn are...

Tags: White Corn

Fresh Cabbage

Clients in overseas markets are very satisfied with the high quality green Fresh Cabbage we offer. We source our product from most...

Tags: Food Fresh Cabbage Fresh Onion Fresh Papaya Fresh Potatoes

Fresh Onion

We offer Fresh Onion to our clients throughout the world. The onions are freshly harvested. The range is hygienically grown with...

Tags: Fresh Onion

Fresh Potatoes

Potato is one vegetable that is relished all over the world. There are a wideranging assortment of potatoes available in the marke...

Tags: Fresh Potatoes

Fresh Drum Stick

We export Fresh Drum Stick that have great nutritional values. Each pod measures about 6-18 inches in length. Inside, each pod fea...

Tags: Fresh Vegetable

Fresh Lady Finger

India is the largest producer of Lady\'s Finger also known as Okra. One of our key exports is fresh ladys finger that we source fr...

Tags: Fresh Vegetable

Fresh Tomatoes

Tomato is one vegetable that is available all the year round and is universally consumed in various forms. We export an excellent ...

Tags: Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Guava

We have been offering Fresh Guavas to satisfied clients across world wide markets. High grade Fresh Guavas are cultivated and natu...

Tags: Fresh Guava

Fresh Watermelon

We offer Fresh Watermelon that we source from most environment friendly farmers. Cultivated using earth friendly methods , these w...

Tags: Fresh Watermelon

Fresh Amla

Amla, known as Indian gooseberry is in great demand for its health benefits. We offer freshly harvested Amla of big sizes about 30...

Tags: Fresh Fruit

Fresh Papaya

Papaya is packed with health enhancing nutrients in both raw and ripe stages. We obtain fresh papayas that make excellent fruits t...

Tags: Food Fresh Cabbage Fresh Onion Fresh Papaya Fresh Potatoes

Fresh Pineapple

There is a great demand for fresh Pineapple all across the world. The variety of Fresh Pineapple that we ship to our clients sprea...

Tags: Fresh Pineapple

Fresh Mangoes

Clients in overseas markets have been enjoying the delectable taste of Indian Fresh Mangoes that are highly sought after for taste...

Tags: Fresh Mangoes

Fresh Lemon

Fresh Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. Bright yellow, tart and tangy, the fresh lemons are a versatile element of today\'s he...

Tags: Fresh Lemon

Fresh Orange

The Fresh Oranges exported by us are available most of the year with peak supplies in January, February and March. These oranges a...

Tags: Fresh Orange

Semi Husked Coconut

The range of Semi Husked Coconut exported by us is grown following good farming practice. The flesh of semi husked coconut has les...

Tags: Semi Husked Coconut

Husked Coconut

The Husked Coconut offered by us is in great demand in overseas markets. Being totally husked it saves clients\' time and efforts....

Tags: Husked Coconut

Dry Coconut

One of our premium coconut product is Dry coconut. Also known as copra the range offered by us is widely appreciated among the cli...

Tags: Dried Fruit

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Mr. Pandiyan LM

E.Pudupatty, Endapuli, Periakulam,

Dindigul Tamil Nadu 625604 India

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