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People with diabetes are prone to foot problems as diabetes causes damage to blood vessels and nerves. This, in turn results in a decreased ability to sense trauma or pressure on the foot and a foot injury may go unnoticed until severe infection develops. Small infections can rapidly progress to death of the skin and other tissues(necrosis) which may require amputation of the affected limb to save the patient’s life. Foot problems can be prevented in part with improved blood sugar control and part with custom made medically proven footwear. My Care\'s Diabetic footwear is made of high quality MCP (Micro Cellular Polymer) Chemically known as EVA - Ethyl Vinyl Acetate and MCR (Micro Cellular Rubber) MCR is made out of natural rubber with chemical blowing agent and sulphur. Because of its fast ageing it becomes brittle and also develops odour in long run. With the result of scientific and technical development in the area Co-polymer foam known as MICRO CELLULAR POLYMER (MCP) foam was found highly suitable for diabetic footwear . This MCP foam is known as EVAZOTE and very much used today in USA, EUROPE and JAPAN. Podiatrists and diabetologists advice their diabetic patients to use MCP for foot care; it is odourless, compatible to human body and hygienic. MCP forms to the shape of bottom of the foot within a short period of usage by which foot pressure is distributed and pain is relieved. The Other benefits of our diabetic footwear are as follows, - It has Antifungal, Antibacterial, Ant allergic and water resistant properties. - Light weight and stylish - helps relief from foot pain / sore feet. - It comes with inbuilt arch support to stabilize the body weight. - It improves body alignment to prevent heel, ankle,knee,back,shoulder etc. - Outer soles are shock proof, anti skidding, heat and acid resistant. - It removes fatigue during walking and playing - Acts as a shock absorber. COMFORT : MCP INSOLES FORMS THE SHAPE OF BOTTOM OF FOOT WITHIN A SHORT PERIOD OF USAGE BY WHICH FOOT PRESSURE IS DISTRIBUTED & PAIN IS RELIEVED. STABILITY : HIDDEN DEPTH OUTSOLES WITH RAISE SIDE WALLS & FIRM HEEL COUNTERS PROVIDE TREMENDOUS STABILITY PROTECTION : WIDE TOE BOXES & SOFT MCP LININGS HELP PROTECT THE FOOT FROM INJURY CUSHIONING : THE ORTHOTICS ABSORBS SHOCK FORCES & PROVIDE CUSHIONING FITTING : STRAIGHT LAST DESIGN INSOLES ENSURE A PROPER FIT FOR ALL FOOT TYPES & IT HELPS IN REDUCING THE PRESSURE OF THE FOOT. Material Used UPPER : MICROSOFT LEATHER LINING : 2 MM MCP LEATHER ORTHOTIC INSOLE : 10 MM MCP WITH ARCH & HEEL SUPPORT
Mr. Hafeez Ali Mohammed
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