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The Bomber has 4.5kW of electrical output making it capable of reaching speeds of up to 50mph. Shifting gears is made easy with its smooth, 9-speed transmission, integrating pedal power to increase acceleration. Featuring powerful hydraulic disc brakes that stop in an instant, the Bomber is able to push the rider to their limits while still staying in control. Frame Constructed from aircraft certified CrMo alloys, the one piece monocoque frame displays exceptional torsional rigidity under the most extreme loading conditions. The new and improved battery fastening system allows for easy battery change overs for those who want to extend their ride. The light weight yet ultra stiff CrMo swing arm incorporates built in torque arms and adjustable wheelbase. Motor Now producing up to 4.5kW, the direct drive, brushless DC hub motor minimises moving parts. Traction, reliability and efficiency is optimised through this advanced design producing virtually no sound emission. Transmission Pedal power is transmitted via the 9 speed sequential gear box which provides more than enough gears for any terrain. Changing gears is as simple twisting your wrist and the concentric swing arm pivot eliminates the need for chain tensioners, derailleurs and unnecessary maintenance. This translates to a smooth, quiet and efficient ride from start to finish. Suspension The standard issued front suspension sports 7 conventional dual crown forks soak up bumps with ease and can be easily adjusted for varying terrain at the turn of a dial. The single pivot rear coil over mono-shock rear suspension is custom valved to iron out the back breaking bumps at the rear. With a simple turn of the compression and rebound dials, it can be adjusted for casual every day riding or more aggressive off road environments. Brakes The Bomber comes standard with regenerative braking which converts braking energy in to electrical energy which is fed back into the battery to extend your range. By simply pressing the regen button, engine braking is activated giving the rider smooth and predictable braking for most situations, while prolonging the life of the brake pads. For situations where more precise braking is required, the entire Stealth range features Magura

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