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We at ‘VEERA’ also assist fragrance companies flourish in the art of creating fragrances by providing them with a variety of quality fragrance ingredients (Aromatic Chemicals, Resinoid, Natural Essential oils etc.)

Veera Fragrances P. Ltd. was ensconced in the year 1999. Mr. Ajit P. Jain, its founder was associated with the fragrance world for over 40 years. Mr. Ajit Jain is also an active member of the Fragrance and Flavor Association of India (FAFAI), having served as President of the association for the period 2007-09, and of the Essential Oil Association of India (EOAI). He received UDYOG PATRA AWARD in 2007 for his best business achievements.


Appearance: Colorless, Transparent Hexagonal Or Needlelike Crystals;
Odor: Having Characteristic Odor Of Natural Menthol Obtained From Menthol Avensis Oil;
Melting Point: 42 - 44°C;
Non-volatile Matter: 0.05% Maximum;
Specific Rotation(25°C): -50°- -49°
AS Content: ≤ 3PPM
Heavy Metal Content: ≤ 10PPM
Chemical Constituents: 99.50 min Laevo-menthol
Specification: CP2000,BP2000,USP24,JP,FCC-III,IP
Storage: To be kept in cool & dry place
Packing: Fiber Drums of 25 kg net
Applications: Perfumery, Mouth Freshners, Cough Drops, Cosmetics, Tooth Paste, Analgesic Balms, Flavors & Fragrances, Inhalers, Pain killing ointments

Research & Development-
Our team comprises of creative perfumers, who constantly work to produce not only fresh but also mellifluous fragrances, and highly qualified quality control analysts, who help make our work superior and the best. We are committed to providing our employees with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and impressive business performance. Presently, we have GC, GCMS (Agilent) and other sophisticated instruments for providing support to our R&D and maintain Quality. Our science and technology inputs have provided substantial value addition to the splendid world of fragrance and flavor.

We request you to consider our products and give us the chance to provide our creative expertise in your product.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned incase any query.

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Shrikant shukla
Veera fragrances(p) ltd.
Mr. Shrikant Shukla

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