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Description : Specialized degreasing cleaner for FOOD PLANT area which produces a rich foam which quickly penetrates and floats away grease, oil, dirt, bacteria, scum, fats, proteins, food residues, tallow, process wastes and blood from all vertical and horizontal surfaces. This cleaner emulsifies animal fats and oils quickly and economically. It can be used on all floors, walls, tables and equipment in the following areas. Slaughter Houses. Other Valuable Product Degreaser Non Butyl This product is a solvent free cleaner and degreaser with powerful detergents and surfactants. Water softening agents allow it to work well in hard or soft water. Contains wetting agents to permit deep, penetrating, cleaning action. This is a medium sudsing product that is safe on aluminum and leaves no soap film. Suitable for Painted surface and can be use as a general purpose DEGREASER. Part No:RXSOL-10-1737-025 CONCENTRATED Universal Cleaner & Degreaser FOR FLOORS, WALLS, AND EQUIPMENT CLEANING
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