Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaner RXSOL 27 And Cold Wash Degrea

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Cleaning fluid for cleaning and corrosion inhibition of gas turbine compressors.One operation cleans and protects the engine and also inhibits corrosion. By spray ring or lance in either starter-driver (off-line) or fired (on-line) wash as directed by the engine manufacturers, in the quantities recommended in the engine manual. It is essential during hot wash that the cleaner should leave as little ash residue as possible to avoid blocking turbine blade cooling holes. RXSOL 27 has a maximum ash content of <0.01%, as part of the compliance with OEM specifications for compressor washing fluid. The unique corrosion inhibitor allows engines to be left ready for an instant restart, even in salty offshore conditions. ALias NAME : ZOK 27, TURBOTECT 950, TURBO CLEANER Other Valuable Products 1)Degreaser High pH (hot stuff) : HOT STUFFIS AN EXCELLENT CLEANER FOR THE REMOVAL OF PETROLEUM TYPE RESIDUES PERFECT FOR PRESSURE WASHER USE.part no:RXSOL-10-1715-025
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