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It is biodegradable anti bacterial all purpose cleaner.Much research has been done in evaluating the ability of the silver ion at inactivating E. coli, a microorganism Contains ingredients such as soap, pine oil, and isopropyl alcohol. This solution kills germs such as the influenza virus and gerous staph strep on surface preventing the spresd of germs in kitchens and bathroom 1) Phenyle White : Part No.- RXSOL-15-1202-005 Extracted natural blend of Neem Oil , Pine oil , SILVER NITRATE. Much research has been done in evaluating the ability of the silver ion at inactivating E. coli, a microorganism. A very effective cleaner and deodorant fortified with herbal ingrident pine oil. Works equally well for general cleaning of surface or soiled areas. After cleaning is completed, a pleasant residue of pine fragrance remains. Safe to use on all surfaces like tiles, wood, venyl, and cemented floor. Concentrated and economical to use. White phenyls use in all households to kill the germs as well as to remove foul smell. Rxsol White phenyl is most suitable to fight dirt and germs in the house including kitchen appliances, carpets and other items. This is Pine based phenyl, which removes all type of dirt and gives freshness to your surroundings, by spreading natural fragrance of Pine oil. White Phenyl is an excellent and powerful white sanitizing liquid and suitable to use in/on following type of surface :
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