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1250/- Black color per ltr (Get Latest Price)

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Brand Name: Unicorninks Pvt. Ltd.
Place of Origin: Unicorn at Vashi
MOQ: as per client requrement
Color: Standard Colors
Material: Inks
Certificate: Yes

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Speciality Inks for Marking Shipper codes, Batch No./Lot No.Mfg.,Exp. Dt.Price, which are used on Porous & Non-Porous substrates such as Carton/Paper /Carbouy/Plywood/Asbestos sheets /H.D.P.E/P.P L.D.P.E. /Metal /Foil /Wax coated/Glass/Glossy sheets, Pouch / /Plastic / Anti Freeze Application. These Inks are widely used in the following Industry
Mr. Andre Pingault
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