14 Inch Modern Sheesham Wooden Engraved Square Lamp

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Brand Name: ExclusiveLane
Model Number: EL-003-060
MOQ: 10
Type: Wooden Engraving
Color: Base: Brown, Shade: Red
Material: Base: Sheesham Wood, Shade: Made up of Canvas wrapped around pape

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- This beautiful square lamp has been artistically designed with sheesham wood as the base in natural brown colour and the maroon shade contrasting giving it a sheen appearnce. - The center of the base has artistically cut wooden engraved circular plate attached to the base. ART TYPE: Wooden Engraving. NOTE: 1) As this product is Handcrafted & Handpainted there might be a slight colour and design variation which is natural and hence makes the product unique. 2) Wood may have marks/patches which are natural. . MATERIAL: Base: Sheesham Wood, Shade: Made up of Canvas wrapped around paper plastic.. DIMENSION: TOTAL (H) : 14.3, SHADE (H * DIA) = (5.3 * 13) , BASE (L * W * H) = (10.9 * 3 * 12.5) Inch. COLOR: Base: Brown, Shade: Red.
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