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Many cereals have a proportion of their energy in the form of non starch polysaccharides, more commonly known as fiber. Enzymes are to break down these polysaccharides, which lead in increase of metabolizable energy and protein utilization. Zyme-10 is a very unique blend of enzymes produced by Orbit Biosciences which takes care of various problems in chickens like, the effect caused due to the presence of non starch poly-saccharides, galactosides, and other anti-nutritional factors present in the feed stuff. Benefits:  Feed value is increased with even less cost or less nutritive value ingredients.  Better FCR and optimum feed consumption  Provides extra energy  Birds become very healthy and active.  Ammonia formation in the gut is minimized  Increases internal secretion of water, proteins, electrolytes and lipids  Decreases gut viscosity thereby increasing digestion of feed  Enhances absorption power of digested food  Increase in weight gain of broilers, number of eggs in layers Dosage: Poultry Feed: 500 g/ton of feed continuously Or As advised by a poultry consultant.
Mr. Arvind sharma
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