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TIAMO-FS is extremely active against gram-positive bacteria such as streptococci spp., staphylococci spp. and mycoplasma spp.. The most interesting biological activity of TIAMO-FS however, is its significant effectiveness against mycoplasma spp. of considerable veterinary importance, causing infections of the respiratory and urogenital tracts, mammary glands, joints or eyes of various poultry and livestock species. In veterinary feed supplement TIAMO-FS is used to control poultry dysentery, poultry pneumonia and other mycoplasmal diseases in pigs and poultry. Benefits:  Prevents chronic respiratory diseases.  Improves FCR and weight gain in broilers.  Increases egg production in layers.  Improves fertility, hatchability in breeders.  Better quality chicks can be produced from breeders. Dosage: Broilers: 300 gm / ton of feed from day one to 30 days. Layers & Breeders : 500 gm/ ton of feed, 7 days in a month continuously or especially during laying period. For Pig or Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Horse and Camel 1 kg/ ton of feed

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201 - 300 People
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US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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East Asia, Africa, South America, South Asia, Middle East
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41% - 50%
Antibiotics, Cattle, Feed Additives, Poultry

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