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Respiratory distress is a virus borne infectious disease, which spreads very fast from one bird to another. Commonly known as Ranikhet disease (Newcastle disease), it is widespread all over world including India. The symptoms include watery discharge from nostrils, gasping, trembling, facial swelling, and sometimes twisting of the neck. Depending upon the severity of infection, mortality ranges between 10 to 80 per cent. Under the effect of the infection, adult laying birds decrease their feed and water consumption with considerable drop in egg production as well. This disease thus also poses a severe economic challenge for broiler and layer poultry industry. RESPO-FEED is most effective remedy against respiratory problems. Benefits:  Expectorant, Mucolytic, Anti-Microbial, Anti Allergic, Decongestant and Brochodilator.  It soothes and keeps the respiratory system clean and ensures normal breathing  Improves immunity  Improves FCR  Overcomes from stress Dosage and Usage: For Palliative purpose (500 gm per ton of feed) Broilers : From day 1 till marketing Layers : For 15 days every month For Curative purpose - (1 to 2 kg per ton of feed) To be given for 1-2 weeks or as Veterinarian recommendation The same dosage is recommended for breeders.
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