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Egg production, egg fertility and hatchability are among the most important economic traits for chicken breeder farms. Vitamin E is primarily known as an antioxidant in reducing cellular free radical damage. In addition, ORBIT-E HERBAL affects the development and maintenance of immune competence through multiple functions by acting directly on the immune cell or by indirectly altering metabolic and endocrine parameters, which in turn influence immune function. ORBIT-E supplementation in bird has been shown to increase production of interleukin (IL)-2, leading to enhanced proliferation of T cells, and reduce production of prostaglandin E, a T-cell suppressive factor, as a result of a decreased peroxynitrite formation. Benefits:  Orbit-E ensures better functioning and bio-activity in the physiological system than synthetic Vitamin E.  The bio-availability of natural vitamin E present in ORBIT-E is three times higher than syn2thetic vitamin E.  The natural vitamin E present in ORBIT-E remains in the body for a longer period and hence ensures better and sustained physiological actions.  Specialized processing of constituent herbs in ORBIT-E ensures high stability of its natural vitamin E during pelletization. Dosage and Usage: Liquid Chicks/Broilers : 02-05 ml/ 100 birds/ day Layers/Breeders : 10 ml/ 100 birds/ day Powder : 100 gm/ Ton of feed

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