Coal Remover And Lime Cleaner From Ship Hold

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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-22-2201-210
Place of Origin: India
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RXSOL Hold Wash is a versatile all purpose quality marine cleaning solution. It can be used as a powerful stand-alone cleaner for oily stains and residues, or in combination with RXSOL Hold Wash as a barrier remover hold wash is a versatile all purpose marine cleaning solution it can be used as a powerful stand alone cleaner for Petroleum oily stains and residues, vegetable and animal fats, as well as dirt, proteins, soils, coal, ore, coke or in combination with RXSOL hold wash as a barrier remover. •Non toxic, 100% biodegradable, Environmentally friendly •Heavy duly Hydrocarbon remover •Non caustic Safe to use in occupied / covered areas •Safe on skin , Can be easily applied by ship's crew •Can be diluted to suit cleaning needs •Reduces turnaround times •using an PXSOL Application Set Dose: •Depending on contamination 50 •200 ml per 10 liters of water i. e. 200 mole to a bucket of water Method of Application and Dose Rates: •Direct injection method for washing machines. Dose rate 1.5 liters per ton wash water ( •Recirculation method. Dose rate 1.7 liters per ton wash water ( •Spot cleaning. Hand spray neat or diluted with up to Five parts water and leave for several minutes before rinsing off with clean water Cleaning of Cargo Tanks to remove Soot from Inert Gas Systems. •Spray PX5OL-22-2204-025 on with a high pressure cleaning machine and use1:6 with water.lf used with hand sprayer,spray the product neat onto the surface,following lit.for every12 m2.Use a5-8% solution in a tank washing machine. •Leave for about 30.45 minutes.The surface should be kept wet. •Wash down with hot water (80°C) and check the cargo tank •Repeat the procedure if necessary. Note: •Whenever possible, the cleaning solution should be heated to 60-80°C.If this method is not possible,other conventional methods such as separate rate direct injection,recirculation or hand spraying provide acceptable options. •For boiler fire side cleaning,a 1020% hot solution, (temp.above 40°C),should be sprayed on to the surfaces to be cleaned.Allow to penetrate for 20 minutes and flush off. For deposits which are very hard to remove, increase the concentration to 50% and repeat if necessary. COAL REMOVER ::: • Use cold - no heating required. • Economical to use. • Scraping not required. • Non- flammable. Dose: Directions for Use and Dose Rates Let this product soak into the surface for 30-45 minutes. Then using a high-powered spray washer blast the surfaces until the stains and discoloration is gone. • Cleaning time will vary depending on the extract nature and thickness of deposit to be removal. • Stubborn deposits should be scrubbed to assist the cleaning operation. Your local Rx CLEANSERS representative will work with you to design the optimum concentration & procedure for your system. RXSOL-22-2201 should be mixed with fresh water to form a solution of 10-30%, depending on the extent of scaling. After using RXSOL-22-2201 it is essential to thoroughly rinse all metal surfaces at least once with a 0.5% solution of Alkalinity Control in fresh water. This solution should be circulated for 2-4 hours or until an acceptable pH value is obtained. This will neutralize any remaining acidity & passivate steel surfaces.

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