Heavy Duty Grease And Soil Cutter

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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-10-1710-025
Place of Origin: India
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Its unique and heavy duty formula Quickly Cuts Into Grease & Tough Soil Deposits . which eliminates Time & Labour Saver For Heavy Duty & General Maintenance Cleaning Discription:- Due to fast reaction It Penetrates deeply into concrete surfaces. Formula contains low-foaming emulsifiers and is biodegradable, phosphate free, rust-inhibitive, nonpolluting and nonflammable. Specially formulated (Low Foaming RXSOL) for use in parts washers, automatic jet spray washers, or automatic or conventional scrubbers. Mop or spray application rinses freely with water. Other Valuable Product 1)Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty 25 Ltr RXSOL-20-2005 is a superior Heavy duty and highly concentrated Alkaline Cleaner, containing specially selected detergents and powerful long chain organic syndet , specific salts with surfactants & wetting agents . It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily matter & having good foaming qualities. It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents, Biodegradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials. It is suitable for TANK CLEANING used for cargo hold cleaning after coal and pet coke.Part No:RXSOL-20-2005-025 2)Degreaser Heavy Duty - 25 ltr it is a unique formulation blended from inorganic, organic compounds and detergents with powerful dispersing agents. Readily soluble in water in all proportions. It is non-corrosive to metal like copper, aluminium, mild steel and plastic. It is non-toxic which makes handling easy.Part N0:RXSOL-10-1005-025 3)T.POL Heavy Duty 25 Ltr is a superior & powerful alkaline cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors to prevents the corrosion of metals . It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily matter & having good foaming qualities.Part No:RXSOL-20-T-300-25 4)Oil Grease Remover HD Excellent for us as a wash for fuel tankers, Heavy deposition ( not scale ), all tyes of industrials and oil field cleaning, its unique functions utilises for complete removal of dirt, oil, carbonized grease, heavy oil, gum , vegetable oil , Lube oil, soo.Part No:RXSOL-16-1096-025 5)Chembreak QUICK SEPARATING DEGREASER 25 Ltr has the unique feature that dissociates slop to seperate oil and water. This product is formulated to meet the ever changing regulations for the treatment of tank cleaning waste water after using petroleum based solvents, and Bunker "C" cleaners.Part No:RXSOL-20-2006 6)Oil Grease Remover RXSOL-15-2001-NO is a blended mixture with glycol and fatty amines emulsifier as main component along with powerful penetrating agent corrosion inhibitor and surfactants. It should be re-circulated in inserted tank. Part No:RXSOL-15-2001-020 7)Oil Spill Disperant Type III- It is a bio-degradable low toxic product with excellent efficiency of oil dispersant nature . This product is specially designed for complete emulsification of oil by which subsequent dispersion takes place. Part No: RXSOL-17-1047-025 Other Information •Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Litre(s) •Port of Dispatch: India And Middle East •Production Capacity: 10 MT per Day •Delivery Time: 1 •Packaging Details: Packing 5, 10, 25 , 210 8)Degreaser Conc. Citrus Detergent- his powerful water based cleaner degreaser works where others fail.Formulated with several different ingredients including nature's own natural citrus solvent.This formula works on extremely tough jobs that require extra strength. Concentrated, this citrus soap may be diluted with up to 200 parts water for greatest economy.This citrus cleaner may be used for dip tank degreasing and corrosion protection. Rust preventatives form a corrosion inhibiting coating when diluted orange cleaner is not rinsed from metal surfaces Part No:RXSOL-10-1713-025 9) Enviro Brake Parts Cleaner Bulk RXSOL-10-1730-025 This brake cleaner is an effective blend of heavy duty solvents and other degreasers. Fast acting and thorough, this brake parts cleaner makes the dirty jobs easier to handle. An excellent product for use in machine shops, automotive shops or any place where the removal of dirt and greasy soils from metal surfaces is important.Part No: RXSOL-10-1730-025 10) Seacleaner 20 Ltr t is a liquid blend of concentrated emulsifier . Specially formulated for cleaning of oily greasy surface of tanks. to emulsify all types of oils using hot or cold processes.Part No:RXSOL-20-2002-020

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