Moya Oil Concentrate Degreaser

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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-10-2011-025
Place of Origin: India
Type: Manufacture

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Effective and economical emulsifier. Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted and coated surfaces and also used as a multipurpose degreaser in extremely hard cleaning conditions. Particles of soil and oil are rapidly reduced to colloidal size by this interfacial action and thereby moreeasily emulsified and washed away fresh or salt water having cleaned metal surface. other valueadded product 1) M Oil moya : This is a versatile emulsifier for diverse types of Industrial, Railway and Marine cleaning. This product is Non Caustic/Non Alkali based & does not require any special extra precaution . This product has a flash point of 68 C (157 F). It is so easy & efficient to use that it is much more economical & faster than hand scrubbing operations. Further, it does not Corrode metals unlike other similar application products. Part No. RXSOL-10-2010-210 2) MOYA OIL : This is effective and economical emulsifier. Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted and coated surfaces and also used as a multipurpose degreaser in extremely hard cleaning conditions. Ready to use for tank cleaning or general degreasing. DOSE : Refer to technical datasheet.moya-oil-degreaser. Part No.- RXSOL-20-2023-025 3)Lube Oil Additive Cleaner- Specialize developed formulation to dissociate bonding of lube oil additive from surface of tank. This product is prinicipally developed to make LUBE additive water soluble as well as depolymerise action of base product.Part No:RXSOL-20-2043-201 4)Lube Oils Cooler Cleaner- for cleaning of lube oil, Lube and fuel oil separators, heat exchangers , Lube oil Tanks and pipe systems. Rxsol Lube Oil Celaner can be used for manual cleaning and Cleaning In Place with cleaning equipment.,part no:RXSOL-20-2050-025 5)Condenser Coil Cleaner- It is a specially engineered condenser coil cleaner and brightener. this product is recommended for use in hotels, commercial complexes, hospitals, shipyards and any air-conditioning workshops or establishments that services air conditioning systems.part no:RXSOL-50-5015-025 6)Fuel Oil Treat 20 Ltr- prevents and disperses sludge, stops stratification of fuel in tanks, breaks water-in-oil emulsions and gives a better separation of water and sediments from oil. It provides amore homogeneous fuel for combustion. Vessels bunker lines remain cleaner and filter blockages are reduced or prevented. Centrifugal water and contaminant seperation is made more efficient and all system components stay cleaner.part no:RXSOL-70-7001-020 7)OIL FUNNEL (300 CC)- A funnel is a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem. It is used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening. Without a funnel, much spillage would occur. RXSOL Funnels are made of high quality glasses.part no:RXSOL-61-2706-001 8)Oil Spill Emulsifier- Specially designed for complete emulsification of oil by which subsequent dispersion takes place. HIGH – Emulsification rate Converts hydrocarbons particle in to very fine emulsions.Ready to use product. Suitable for Crude / Bitumen / Residual / Diesel / Kerosene, White spirit & Lube oils etc .Effective on oil spills at platefoprm , during loading or discharging of cargo or bunkers .For cleaning of spills on Deck, Ships side, Piers, Wharfs, etc. where allowed .Part No:RXSOL-17-1048-025 9)Oil Paint Thinner (E)- RXSOL-15-1013-025Safety: Always were solvent-resistant gloves and splash-guard goggles and keep the room well ventilated when using paint thinner. Avoid Using this thinner in water-based latex paints . PACKAGING : 25 Ltrs. ACTIVE MATTER : 100% COMMON NAME : Paint Thinner .Part No:RXSOL-15-1013-025 Other Information •Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Litre •Port of Dispatch: India And Middle East •Production Capacity: 10 MT per Day •Delivery Time: 1 •Packaging Details: Packing 5, 10, 25 , 210 10)Creosote Oil- Creosote Oil is greenish-brown liquid, with different degrees of darkness, viscosity, and fluorescence . In the process of coal-tar distillation, the distillate is collected into four fractions; this product made from high quality material and available in light and heavy forms. The excellent properties of Creosote Oil work for preserving posts and wood that came in contact with the ground or in water like piers.part no:RXSOL-19-1629-210 11)Active SK COIL Cleaner PINK- This is specially formulated for use as a coil cleaner and filter adhesive for cooling coils of the air- conditioning systems.Part No:RXSOL-16-2697-005 12)Evaporator Coil Cleaner- Evaporator Coil Cleaner is a special blend of effective ingredients designed to penetrate and remove built-up grease, dirt and oxidation from finned coils, cleaning in one step. Evaporator Coil Cleaner DOES NOT CONTAIN ACID. Buildup of greasy dirt on air.Part No:RXSOL-51-6004-025 13)Engine Parts Washing Solvent - This solvent compound is specifically formulated for use in recirculating parts washer equipment. This product provides an economical and effective method for cleaning metal parts while being gentle on the hands. Grease, oil, dirt, sludge, grime, ink, light carbon and similar soils are dissolved with minimal soaking and brushing. Machine shops, garages,Part No:RXSOL-10-1727-025 14) Solvent Cleaner Low odour- A FAST ACTING SPECIALTY SOLVENT ENGINEERED FOR UTILITY USE , This is very effective replacement of 1,1,1 Tri Chloro Ethane , which create eco & Health care problem. This products evaporates completely without any residue.Part no: RXSOL-10-1731-025

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