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Phosphate (PO43—) enters the aquarium from fish and invertebrate waste and decaying organic matter, such as dead algae and uneaten fish food. Water treatment facilities may add phosphate to tap water to prevent pipe corrosion and reduce concentrations of heavy metals in drinking water. Some salt mixes also contain phosphates. Excess phosphate may lead to algae blooms. In saltwater aquariums, phosphate precipitates dissolved calcium (Ca2 ) and magnesium (Mg2 ) ions, inhibiting the growth of hard corals and other reef building organisms. Packaging: 1.00 Complete Set: Application: •This is applicable to laboratory analysis particularly in the determination of water pollution. Such an analytical test may be either qualitative or quantitative. •This test kit reads the total phosphate level in parts per million (ppm), which are equivalent to milligrams per liter (mg/L) from 0 50.0 ppm (mg/L). Testing Procedure : A Quantitative method to determine the amount of phosphate present in samples such as boiler feed water is as follows: •Rinse a clean test tube with water being tested. •Fi/I the test tube with 2.5 ml of water to be tested (to the line on the tube). •Holding the bottle vertically, add 20 drops from Rxsol TK LP1 solution. Cap the test tube and shake vigorously for 5 seconds. •Flow, holding the bottle vertically, add 5 drops from Rxsol TK LP2 Test Solution . Note: Rxsol Tic LP2 contains a very thick solution and may require increased pressure to release drops. •Cap and shake the test tube vigorously for 5 seconds. •Wait 3 minutes for color to develop. Trinse the 10 ml glass jar with above solution & fill it up to 10 ml mark. •place the glass test jar on colour card & match with various shade of colour . •Read the test results by comparing the color of the solution to the appropriate Phosphate Color Card (choose either Freshwater or Saltwater). The tube should be viewed in a well light area against the white area of the card. The closest match indicates the ppm (mg:L) of total phosphate (PO43-) in the water sample. Rinse the test tube with clean water after use. Dose: •General Tips: A small amount of the sample is acidified with Concentrated Nitric Acid to which a little ammonium molybdate is added. The presence of Phosphate Ions is indicated by the formation of a bright yellow layer. Note: •Abnormally high levels of phosphate can lead to organ damage due to calcification (calcium phosphate deposits in organs, such as the kidneys).

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