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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-40-1048-025
Place of Origin: India
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Descaling Liquid ::: - Scales are very damaging to the boiler because they interfere with the heat transfer and can lead to overheating and eventually, boiler rupture , To increase usable life of cleaned equipment , it is safe and effective way to remove scale deposits. Part No - RXSOL-11-1008-020 Safe Acid Descalex powder ::: - superior , heavy duty Powder acid Specifically formulated to remove rust and water scale build up from boiler evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling systems, pipeline collection system etc. Part No - RXSOL-54-1008-025 Scale Gun RX ::: - Descaler for Washing Machine. Part No - RXSOL-11-1097-025 Lime Scale Remover ::: - lime eater dissolves hard and old lime scale deposits from your appliances. It extends the life of the appliance and saves running cost. Part No - RXSOL-11-1052-025 Descalex Powder ::: Descalex is a dry acid cleaner formulated to remove rust and scale deposits. Part No - RXSOL-15-1009-025 Scale Remover Hard water ::: This is powerful concentrated and newly developed scale cleaner , which contain amphoteric penetrants for dissolving hard water scale. Part No - RXSOL-11-1102-025 Scale Mineral Cleaner ::: Very effective products to remove Mineral Scale deposits from Surfaces. Part No - RXSOL-15-3011-025 RXSOL Zyme Descaler ::: The environmentally friendly and efficient treatment for urine scale build-up in vacuum pipes.This Product prevents scale and keeps sewage flowing freely. Hydrocarbon Scale Deposit Remover ::: - Solid Hydrocarbon deposition on heat exchanger tube is biggest problem in industrial line. It helps removal of such deposition in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. . Part No - RXSOL-11-1672-025 Scale Inhibitor ::: - Treatment is used to reduce the concentration of scale forming compounds that can accumulate in production wells, water and disposal wells, flowlines and surface equipment. Part No - RXSOL-16-1056-025 Descalex Polymer ( Heat Exchanger) ::: - safe and effective way to remove scale deposits from all types of water-cooled and water-heated equipment. Part No - RXSOL-40-1048-025

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