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ECommerce Online Store Website $1200 onwards In this competitive business environment, Ecommerce Shopping Cart is one of the most profitable solution for marketing and selling your products. The vendors and buyers can meet together and communicate and send inquiries to each regarding products or exchange information and place orders and generate invoices for the purchases made. Payment is done online and that makes the selling process much simpler. You can have an online Store 24×7 and people can visit your store at any time and from any location. A Shopping Cart acts like a catalog for your products and provides complete information regarding the same. Whether you are a manufacturer, a wholesaler, or retailer an ecommerce website will help you in many ways to increase your sales. Whether you need a redesign or create a new website, our team has all the expertise required to achieve your goals. Package Overview Magento + SEO + Social Media For you to start selling online you will first need a stable yet robust platform or software that will reside on our premium server. The software should also not very expensive for a small and medium size business yet have all the robust features of an enterprise level solution. In comparison to many shopping cart solutions Magento is one the most popular open source platforms available today. It is coded on PHP and have been around for quite some time. Magento has a lot of powerful features that you will need to sell online. In Magento we can create a custom theme for you and we can customize the store to the requirements you need You can add own product attributes, groups, sales promotion options, modules that will help you to attract customers, gift registry, hide prices, show certain products for certain customers etc. Shipping options can be customized, Different stores can be created and new payment gateways can be created for payment. Package Features Also included Domain Name + Web Hosting + SSL The following features are included in your site. Open Source and Customizable The source code for Magento is available freely hence it can be customised to suit your needs. Custom theme and modules and custom payment and shipping options. Robust and Scalable There are plently of Add-ons or Extensions available for Magento, that you can install and add more features to Magento. User Friendly Theme Design and One Page Checkout Magento has intitutive user interface and with easy to use one page checkout. Import/Export via CSV You can do bulk import/export the products into CSV or Excel sheet. You can modify prices, change qty or add Multi language and multiple currency store You can have a multi-language setup and have different currencies for your store. Secure website setup with SSL integration The site can be secure using a SSL certificate. Promotion and Marketing tools Magento offers tools for discounts and coupons for promotion of products. User Management Magento has a comprehensive user management system that you can use to manage your products etc. Order and Invoice Management Magento has a comprehensive user management system that you can use to manage your order and invoices etc. Reports and Analytics Magento has tools for reports and analytics. Always responsive The store design is responsive that means it will display correctly on mobile and ipads Up sell, cross sell, and related products You can set up sell and cross sell options or have related products displayed. Price matters, but quality matters most! In today’s business environment, Time is of great essence but without quality, success cannot be ensured. In a website quality is most important. Quality in a website applies to design, coding and marketing. We have a team of professional designers and coders that help to make the best good looking website you get, that is fully functional and optimized to load quickly. We strive to be of international standards. People always assume that all website designers deliver the same quality of products or services. But that is not all together true. Level of services, promptness and design as well as quality of service differs from company to company. Kindly consider our quality and then decide what will give you best value for money. Product Management Magento offers a robust product management tools that includes layered Navigation for with products filters, Product Categorisation, Multiple Images Per Product, Product Image Zoom-in Capability, Product comparisons, Product Reviews, stock and layered pricing / product options (e.g – size and colour) and product attributes for individual products. Also has related product tools, up-sells and cross-sells and a powerful search mechanism. You can also sell downloadable or digital products in additional to simple products. You have bulk Import and Export of catalog using Excel or CSV. Customer Management Magento offers Feature-rich Customer Accounts, including ability to create dynamic attributes at customer record level, with customer grouping or segmentation for customized marketing campaigns. We also have order tracking from account. Customer is given an account where he can re-orders, download downloadable Products and check recently ordered items. You can generate best customers report by total and number of orders. Free SSL included SSL is a (Secure Socket Layer) is a website security layer that ensure that all the communications from the website and the visitor is secure. This helps in building trust among your users and reassures them that the website is encrypted and all the information transmitted has been secure. The address of a securely encrypted website will begin with https:// instead of http:// and your browser will show the SSL certificate on the browser address bar. Google slightly ranks sites with SSL, higher in their search listings. This helps protect users from illegal activity and cyber attacks. If you have SSL you have more chance of being listed higher in Google’s search results than if you didn’t have it. Every website we create comes with 1 years hosting that includes Let’s Encrypt SSL security no matter what type of website you buy.

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