Ball Mill For Lead Oxide

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Brand Name: EROZ
Model Number: BM1
Place of Origin: India
Type: Ball Mill for lead oxides
Color: Customer choice
Material: MS
Certificate: CE Certified
Standard: CE
Function: Conversion of Lead pellets into fine Lead Oxide Powder (Lead Oxid
Capacity: 3 Ton to 7.5 Ton
Packaging: Export Worthy
Usage: Processing of Non-Ferrous metals

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Ball Mill for Lead Oxide is a basic device in the modern world of metallurgy and is extensively used in a variety of applications. Among others, it's applications in the processing of Non-Ferrous metals is one of the most important. In the field of Lead processing, dry type Ball Mills are used for conversion of Lead pellets into fine Lead Oxide Powder (Lead Oxide Free Lead), also commonly called Grey Oxide due to its appearance. The Ball Mill with its preparatory and collecting equipments is therefore also called a Grey Oxide Plant. Description of Process: Lead is melt in a Melting Pot and cast into pellets (hemispherical or cylindrical shape) at a Ball Making Machine and fed into the Ball Mill. The Ball Mill is rotated on its own axis at low speeds. The rotation of the mill imparts tumbling & cascading action to the balls fed (in this case the Lead pellets). The rotation is adjusted so that the raw material inside does not reach critical speed. Below the critical speed (at around 65 - 75%), the balls which are carried along the walls of the Mill fall back to the center. This continuous action leads to friction and generation of heat which induces the reaction of Lead (Pb) with Oxygen (O2) present in air and generation of Lead Oxide (2PbO). This reaction is an exothermic reaction which leads to generation of heat and this sets of a chain reaction of heat generation and accelerated oxidation process. Draft of air through the mill carries small sized or light particles outside the mill to the collection system. Temperature within the Mill is controlled with the help of water spray outside the barrel of the Mill. Several crucial characteristics of this produce such as Free Lead percentage, Retention percentage, Apparent Density are set as per requirements of the Client.
Mr. Capt. Anil K. Verma
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