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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-16-1668-025
Place of Origin: India
Type: Manufacture

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Item Code: RXSOL-16-1668-025 C-SHINE RXSOL coil cleaner :::Part No:RXSOL-16-1668-025. It is blend of alkaline-based detergents, surfactants formulated with a strong foaming action designed to rapidly emulsify greasy soils and oxidation…thereby leaving coils dirt-free and shining. C-SHINE is recommended for cleaning air-cooled condensers, permanent filters and other finned heating and cooling coils. In-service cleaning:-RXSOL-16-1668-025 is passes through the air trunking upstream of the charge aircooler, followed by a clean water rinse.For cleaning of air coolers, it is necessary to use correctly installed dosing and injection system. Typical Cleaning Method :- Dilute 1-3 parts water and apply with alow pressure sprayer. Leave on coils for 3-7 minutes then flush with water until allfoam is removed. If use don built up roofsetc., it is important to make sure all residual cleaner is washed off roof surface after application. If good housekeeping practices are not followed, roof deterioration is possible. If used indoors, strong fumes may cause irritation to sensitive individuals evacuate area if necessary. For cleaning of Air cooler and Air side of turbochargers, a solution of 5 - 25% RXSOL-16-1668-025 in fresh water is recommended. Inject the solution for 10-15minutes, then similar quantity of fresh water injected to rinse off emulsifieddeposits. Handspray Cleaning:- By Handspray,apply concentrate RXSOL-16-1668-025 all over the cooler coils. for good emulsification & penetration. Allow the RXSOL-16-1668-025 for a minimum of 1 hour,then use a high pressu ure water to wash off the loosened deposits. During process always keep drain valve open. After satisfactory cleaning, and flushing through with fresh water, close air cooler drains. Note that during this process the engine must be stopped. Soak method:- Machine parts with stubborn carbon deposits to be cleaned is dipped into conc.Soln.of RXSOL-16-1668-025 then allow deposits tobe broken down and loosened before removal, then rinse . Other Valuable Product 1)Active Chem COIL Cleaner RXSOL RXSOL-16-1697-003 is a concentrated outdoor condenser coil cleaner and brightener. It effectively foams away stubborn,"baked on" lint, smoke film, insects, feathers, grass, leaves and other deposits from air cooledcondenser coils. The expanding foam pushes contamination out of the coil and is easily rinsed away with water. In addition to removing contaminants, the RXSOL COIL CLEANER formula effectively restores efficiency and reduces operating cost by removing hidden oxidation from the coil surfaces.Part NO:RXSOL-16-1697-003 2)Coil Brite Rx Yellow COIL BRITE RX Yellow for TOUGH CLEANING PROBLEM Concentrated Aluminum Coil Cleaner COIL BRITE RX is a concentrated blend of Specifically designed to clean aluminum heat transfer coils of dirt, oil, and scale. Part No:RXSOL-16-1680-005. 3)Coil Brite Rx PINK COIL BRITE RX PINK For General Cleaning problem. A unique detergent action is gentle yet strong enough to remove carbon deposits.Part NO:RXSOL-16-1680-003. 4)Coil Cleaner ( Non Rinsing Type ) This coil cleaner is specially formulated for use as a coil cleaner and filter adhesive for cooling coils of the airconditioning systems. Self-rinsing – specially blended to be gradually rinsed by the natural condensation of cooling systems. This “no-rinse” feature saves valuable time and labor costs. Environmentally safe – non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable in nature, It can be safely used even in food processing areas.Part NO:RXSOL-16-1697-025.

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