Drain Pipe Cleaner And Opener

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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-16-1057-025
Place of Origin: India
Type: Manufacture

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Item Code: RXSOL-16-1057-025

Extremely powerful liquid to rapidly unblock and open drains. This scales remover for sewage pipe lines and evac systems . It contains special inhibitors to make its after on most metals, concrete and plastic surfaces. Drain Blaster cuts down the need to

Other Valuable Product
1)Drain Cleaner - DRAINEX-
Heavy DUTY and fast effective Descaler for any type of metal (except for soft metal like aluminium and zinc).part no:RXSOL-16-1008-025
2)Drain Pipe sewer Cleaner-
Drain Blaster cuts down the need to plumb or rod, or excavate when the build-ups occur.part no:RXSOL-16-1057-001
3)Drain Fat Cleaner -
Concentrated and heavy duty formulation of surfactants, grease and fat solublising agents blen.part no: RXSOL-15-1057-005
4) Biological Toilet Cleaner -
Part No: RXSOL-16-1019-001

1)Rig Wash Citrus Formula 25 Ltr
RXSOL-16-1045-025 is a heavy duty emulsifier based cleaner , specially formulated for all types of water condition even with HARD WATER and for use with high presure cleanig machines. Ideal for difficult cleaning problems faced in industrial and other plants. Its grease CUTTER and wetting agents ingredients makes This product excellent chemical cleaning action and does an excellent job without leaving any film or residue to recollect dirt, grease or grime . Part No: RXSOL-16-1045-025
is primarily used as a pH buffer, a low solids, non-dispersed, low pH drilling fluid.
CITRIC ACID is primarily used to quickly reduce the pH in drilling fluid. One of the benefits of using Citric Acid is that it forms Sodium Citrate in the presence of Sodium based polymers such as DMA and OMNIPOL II. Sodium Citrate acts as a dispersant in water based fluids, helping to control the rheology. A third benefit of CITRIC ACID is the reduced hazard to personnel when compared to other acids normally used in drilling applications. CITRIC ACID will not reduce hardness levels in drilling fluids as will phosphoric acid. Part No:RXSOL-19-1182
3)Petroleum Jelly-
Part NO : RXSOL-16-1746-001
4)Drain Fat Cleaner -
Concentrated and heavy duty formulation of surfactants, grease and fat solublising agents .part no:RXSOL-15-1057-005
5)Drain Cleaner Alkaline 25 Ltrs-
Based on principle of EXOTHERMIC which attains boiling temperature quickly, which is very effective to dissolve the blockage.part no:RXSOL-16-1050-025
6)Drain Cleaner - DRAINEX-

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