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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-16-1681-025
Place of Origin: India
Type: Manufacture

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Item Code: RXSOL-16-1681-025 Dissolves sludge that builds up in heat exchangers: heat exchanger cleaner is a liquid polymer - phosphoric acid based new generation material that readily dissolves sludge that builds up in heat exchangers. other valuble products 1) scale inhibitor : scale is the precipitate that forms on surfaces in contact with water as a result of th e precipitation of normally soluble solids that become insoluble as temperature increases. The chemical treatment of water associated with oil and gas includes the application of scale inhibitors, such as phosphonates , to help maintain the integrity of equipme nt that is used during the drilling and production phases. Treatment is used to reduce the concentration of scale forming compounds that can accumulate in production wells, water and disposal wells, flow lines and surface equipment. Part no. Rxsol-16-1056-025 2)rig wash liquid concentrate 1000 ltr : specially designed to used in any pressure washing machine range or mopping. This produ ct is blend of monomer which helps to loose oil particle and increase water misicicibil ity with surfactant. Its high penetration formula deep into recesses and crevice of equ ipment and machinery to chase out soils without disassembling. The resultant run-off wi ll not harm tarmac or asphalt and painted surfaces. Part no. Rxsol-16-1014-100 3)decarbonizer(predator) part no. Rxsol-16-1699-025 4)wd 40 part no. Rxsol-16-1671-400 5)klin kot environmental friendly water-based release products for the marine, shipping, cement, e nginnering and construction industry. It has many applications in the industry includin g cleaning, asphalt, concrete, mining and hauling. . Part no. Rxsol-16-1690-025 6)heat wave- part no: rxsol-41-8395-025 7)descalex polymer ( heat exchanger)- safe and effective way to remove scale deposits from all types of water-cooled and water-heated equipment. Part no:rxsol-40-1048-025 8)red sheater concentrate- part no: rxsol-41-4104-025 9)boiler cogulant- a concentrated solution of surface-active polymers which is use as an internal sludge conditioners in boilers. Boiler coagulant is a colorless, high molecular weight solution used in both medium- and low-pressure boilers (<850 psig or 60 kg/cm2) to prevent oil sludge deposits when feed water becomes contaminated by oil. Boiler coagulant prevents the formation of deposits on boiler internal surfaces. Sludge is kept dispersed in small particles and conditioned to be removed by normal blow down. In this way tube overheating due to deposits is avoided. Part no: rxsol-50-5003-025 10)boiler water tratment auto 20 - part no:rxsol-50-5020-20 11)sludge conditoner for boiler water 20 ltr- product to be used in situations where the boiler water is contaminated with oil. This high performance product is applicable to both medium and low-pressure steam boilers in order to prevent sludge deposits. Part no:rxsol-50-5010-020 12)boiler water log sheet- part no:rxsol-50-5013-001 13)boiler hydrocarbon oil sludge remover- boiler hydrocarbon sludge remover is a product to be used in situations where the boiler water is contaminated with oil. This high performance product is applicable to both medium and low–pressure steam boilers in order to prevent sludge deposits. Part no:rxsol-40-5026-025 14)hardness test kit for boiler- part no: rxsol-62-5505-001 15)cooling and boiler test kit 246- part no:rxsol-62-6204-001 16)oxygen scavenger plus - use to remove dissolved oxygen from your feed water, the offered oxygen scavenger is processed by our talented professionals possessing years of experience. Part no:rxsol-50-5023-025

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