RXSOL Silica Sol 30%

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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-19-1993-250
Place of Origin: India
Type: Manufacture

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Item Code: RXSOL-19-1993-250 Silica Sol has many applications for paper, fibers, steel and catalysts. Most recently, it has been used by the semiconductor industry as a polishing agent for silicon wafers. Without the development of chemicals such as Silica Sol, the electronics industry would not be where it is today. Silica Sol comes in a variety of types to suit your needs SKU: RXSOL-19-1993-250 Application: Silica Sol has a wide variety of industrial applications such as: Frictionizing Adhesion and coating Binding and hardening Polishing Investment casting Impregnation filler Battery manufacturing Modification and strengthening of organic resinsPacking Size: 250.00 Kg Other valuable product 1)Sodium Hypo Chlorite (12-15%) 40 Kg Sodium hypochlorite is the salt formed by a negatively charged hypochlorite ion (OCl-) and a positively charged sodium ion (Na ). Pure hypochlorite is highly reactive and unstable Part No: RXSOL-16-3025-030 2)Electrosol NF 30 Kgs- part no:RXSOL-16-1076-030 3)Electrosol Quick Dry- Its rapid evaporation rate enables it to be used for cleaning and decreasing of electrical equipment,motor winding etc. part no:RXSOL-16-1009-001 4)Electrosol Plus- Degreasing of electrical equipment.It provides immediate and efficient removal with a high evaporation rate.part no:RXSOL-16-1077-025 5)Electrosol QD Kg- part no:RXSOL-16-1091-025 6)Electrosol E- Quick evaporation rate and resulting for Cleaningand Degreasing of electrical equipment.It provides immediate and efficient removal with a high evaporation rate.part no:RXSOL-16-1090-025 7)Degreaser Electrical Non Flame- part no:RXSOL-10-1738-025 8)Turbo Cleaner Dry Walnut Shell- part no:RXSOL-16-1035-025 9)Metal Brite 25 Ltr- part no:Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area 10)Disc Separator Cleaner HD 25 Ltrs- Heavy duty liquid blend of organic compounds with concentrated emulsifying agents. RXSOL-16-1046-020 is a liquid blend of organic solvent with heavy duty & concentrated emulsifying agents . An extremely effective for removal of burnt grease , carbon depo.part no:RXSOL-16-1046-020 11)Heavy Duty Cleaner-part no:RXSOL-41-8977-025

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