Universal Cleaner (For The Ultrasonic Bath)

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Brand Name: Chemical
Model Number: RXSOL-16-3036-025
Place of Origin: India
Type: Manufacture

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Item Code: RXSOL-16-3036-025 For cleaning and degreasing of machines and their components, tools, equipment and parts in industry, handicraft and laboratories Other Valuble Products 1)Universal Wash 25 Ltr Multi purpose cleaner with High Foaming cleaning action liquid detergent with good foaming qualities.parrt no:RXSOL-20-3004-025 2)One Shot Universal Liquitreat 20 Ltrs- It is a well - balanced blend for boiler water treatment products, resulting in a scale and corrosion control by one shot operation. A powdered one-step treatment to control the formation of rust and scale in low pressure and auxillary boilers with working.part no:RXSOL-50-5001-020 3) UNIVERSAL CLEANER- part no:RXSOL-41-8617-025 4)All Purpose Cleaner 25 Ltr- exceptional solvency power on soiled & oily matter with good foaming qualities . It is free from hydrocarbon solvent , bio-degradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel while handling materials . Can be used for all types of cleaning and degree.part no:RXSOL-12-1501-025 5)Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty 20 Ltr- Exceptional solvency power on soil and oily matter and having good foaming qualities.part no:RXSOL-20-2005-020 6)Metal Coat 684- part no:RXSOL-68-6813-025 7)Dual HD Cleaner- Highly effective cleaner for cleaning of tanks, bilges, tank tops, animal oil, vegetable oil, and grime are rapidly emulsified with this chemicals. infactories for cleaning machinery, manufactured parts, engines, motors, conveyors, floors, and floor .part no: RXSOL-20-2012-025 8)Coal Tar Cleaner 25 Ltr- Heavy duty solution of emulsifiers ,penetrating agents with an extremely high solvency based product which is useful for Bitumen, asphalt and coaltar cleaning .part no:RXSOL-16-1004-025 9)Degreaser Heavy Duty - 25 ltr- Powerful dispersing agents. Readily soluble in water in all proportions. It is non-corrosive to metal like copper, aluminium, mild steel and plastic. It is non-toxic which makes handling easy.part no:RXSOL-10-1005-025 10)RXSOL Altreat 400 : Cost-effective recovery of fresh water from seawater is critical to a wide range of industries such as the power, chemical, marine, oil and gas industries. During the distillation process, the formation of scale on heat transfer surfaces can significantly reduce heat transfer efficiency and increase operation and maintenance costs. Part No RXSOL-16-3763-210 11) RXSOL ORG - 18 - Part No. RXSOL-16-1672-025 12)Pickling Inhibitor RXSOL 31- Part No. RXSOL-16-1698-025 13) Oil Grease Remover- part no: RXSOL-15-2001-020 14)Oil Grease Remover HD- Excellent for us as a wash for fuel tankers, Heavy deposition ( not scale ), all tyes of industrials and oil field cleaning, its unique functions utilises for complete removal of dirt, oil, carbonized grease, heavy oil, gum , vegetable oil , Lube oil, soo.part no:RXSOL-16-1096-025 15)Electrosol NF 30 Kgs- part no:RXSOL-16-1076-030 16)Air Cooler Cleaner 25 Ltr- For effective cleaning of air coolers, scavenging air systems and turbo chargers of diesel engines. During the operation, the fins & tubes of the main engine air cooler which become fouled with oil, grease, dust and carbonaceous deposit , which will affecting.part no:RXSOL-16-0009-025 17)Rust Remover For Metal or Concrete ( De Rust - 20)- This product is used to soften and dissolve rust from: machinery, equipment, sheet iron, carpets, bridges, pipes, concrete, metal parts, automobiles.part no:RXSOL-17-1073-025

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