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Handmade Paper Bags: Our Handmade Paper Bags are 100% Cotton Recycled, which makes them Strong and Durable in nature. All our Bags are Eco-friendly, Bio-Degradable which is the need of current Environment Situation round the world.Buy from our wide range of bags which includes a wide variety of embroidered bags, stitch paper bags, crinkle paper bags, textured papers bags, silk handmade paper bags, floral bags, flower petals bags, embroidery paper bags, stitched paper bags and embossed paper bags. Handcraft of paper making has come a long way since last 500 years. Ecologically sensitive entrepreneurs and nature lovers are trying to put handmade paper in the mainstream of lifestyles, presenting a line of paper products which are as attractive as they are utilitarian and eco-friendly. Handmade paper bags have evolved as one such product which is most favored and widely accepted for their distinctive look in soft, pastel shades and crunched up appearance.
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