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Sundaram Technologies inspection system enables high speed and automated inspection of all types of components. System can be designed as per customer requirement. Our system detects damages, irregularities, textreading, barcode reading, dimension verification and other abnormalities. This system is mainly used foronline quality assurance in automobile industry and electronics industry. Various applications - Assembly inspection - Disk brake / injection die inspection - Presence / absence of any part like pin - Roller / ball / needle inspection in bearing - Casting inspection - Measurement verifying like linear dimension, angular dimension, circular dimensio - To verify any pattern of the automotive part. - Barcode or DPM reading - Embossed / printed text reading [verification] We can design and customize our system to fit in your application. Contact us for further details. KEYWORDS Camshaft inspection, Machine Vision Inspection Systems, surface inspection systems,pattern recognition, automated inspection, camera-based inspection systems, bearing inspection,automobile assembly inspection, barcode / dpm inspection, Measurement verifying linear dimension,angular dimension, circular dimension, india.
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