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Brand Name: SMARTsaa
Model Number: SMARTsaaDLS
Place of Origin: India
MOQ: 1
Type: Diapharagm Type
Usage: Boot level Detector
Function: SWitch

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SMARTsaa offers Diaphragm Level switch for measuring level of free flowing and dry material like food grains and powders and bulk goods. APPLICATION: Sensing clogging of material on screw conveyor Boot level detection of bucket elevator Detect level of food grain in hopper Level detection for bulk goods Detects bin overflow and maintain a pre-determined material level Can be used as Chute Block Device OPERATING PRINCIPLE: The pressure of the product on the membrane operates a limit switch inside the switch compartment. The contact of limit switch is used for control action. FEATURES: Point level switch Low cost but Reliable No power supply required Installation is simple. Flush mount, non-intrusive Ideally suited when vessel size or internal clearance is limited or where protrusion into a vessel is not acceptable Over-Pressure Protection SPECIFICATIONS: Enclosure : Cast Al, IP 40 O/P : 1 C/O relay contact rated for 15 Amp resistive at 230 V AC Mounting : Flanged Pressure for detection : Approx 2 N min. Normal Sensitivity: 60 gm Operating Temp : 10 - 80 0C Diaphragm Material : SS / Neoprene Rubber Particle Size : up to 30 mm and a density of 0.3 to 2.5 g/cm3 DETAILS REQUIRED: Material to be sensed, Particle size, Bulk Density, Mounting position (Dimensions and diagram hopper), Operating Temp, Operating Pressure,
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