Electro Optic Point Level Switch

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Brand Name: SMARTsaa
Model Number: SMARTsaaEOPLS
Place of Origin: Pune
MOQ: 1
Type: Electronic
Supply Type: 24 V DC
Technology: Electro Optic Level Switch

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SMARTsaa offers Electro Optic Point Level Switch series SMARtsaaEOPLS for sensing of liquid level in tanks and pipes. Find application is beverage systems, pharmaceutical, petrochemical machines and machine tool industry and leak detection systems. The switch consists of infrared LED transmitter and receiver fitted in a transparent prism. The light from transmitter is directed to receiver within the prism. When liquid level rises and touches the prism, the light is reflected out in the liquid and receiver do not receive sufficient light. This change is detected and O/P is activated. Installation is simple and can be fitted on Top, bottom or sides. The compact switch makes it suitable for use in mounting in places where space is constraint. The switch has long life as there are no moving parts like float. It is economical and compact level switch for clear liquids. Specification: Series : SMARTsaaEOPLS Power Supply : 12 V DC O/P : PNP or NPN or open collector Repeatability : + - 1mm Enclosure Prism : Polysulfone, Various enclosures are available considering specific liquid, please consult factory Note : Not suitable for use in any liquid that crystallizes or leaves a solid residue
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