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Brand Name: Vetline
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DESCRIPTION HiZyme (Cocktail Enzyme) Ask for PriceHizyme (Multi-Enzymes) contains the optimum blend of enzymes to suit both high energy diets for broilers and fibre rich diets for commercial layers. Feed with high corn-soya proportion is rich in Non-Starch Polysaccharides, which increases the gut viscosity thereby, reduces the nutrient availability. Hizyme breaks down the Non -Starch Polysaccharides present in the fibre fraction of corn, wheat, soya, sunflower extract, DORB, other fiber rich ingredients and releases the hidden energy from the feed stuffs. It also helps reduce gut viscosity. Specifications COMPOSITION HiZyme is composed of: Amylase Xylanase Beta-Glucanase Pectinase Cellulase Protease Lipase Mannanase INDICATIONS / BENEFITS Animal Feed Fat improves digestibility of high energy feed Facilitates endogenous and exogenous enzyme activity Releases hidden nutrients for better utilization Animal Feed Fat improves weight gain and FCR Allows to economise feed formulation-Least Cost Formulation Reduces gut viscosity MIXING RATIO HiZyme is recommended at 500 g / ton of feed or as recommended by nutritionist Inclusion Levels: For Broilers/ Layers/ Breeders (birds of all ages) 500 gm per Ton of feed or as recommended by the nutritionist PRESENTATION 1 Kg / 20 Kg /25 Kg

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