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Henna was used for cosmetic purposes. The henna plant contains lawsone which is a reddish-orange dye that binds to the keratin in our skin. For body decorations, the leaves of the henna plant are dried, crushed into a fine powder, and made into a creamy paste using a variety of techniques. This paste is then applied to the skin, staining the top layer of skin only. In its natural state it will dye the skin an orange or brown color. Henna is traditionally used for special occasions like holidays, birthdays and weddings. Today trained, the art of applying henna to the hands and feet. We are trusted wholesaler in India. Our products doesn’t have any toxins or chemicals in it. Keep in touch at- Henna Powder Wholesaler +91-7727888433 http://www.nmphennapowder.com/ sales@nmphennapowder.com

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